Space Planning

Office space in Dubai is expensive, so planning office space and office furniture is a must for companies and managers and employees. Open floor plans and divided workplaces are common in modern facilities.

Before planning office furniture, it is important to understand what is the nature of work is, how employees use their space, so we can consider their needs from the beginning.

In general, we recommend offices with reception, waiting room or lounge, meeting rooms, manager rooms, open executive areas, and pantries and storage. Depending on the space requirements, given budget and client needs, we provide valuable advice. Points to consider.

There is no magic formula for office space planning. Sure, there are guidelines for office space planning – basics like flexible layouts, space planning software, and data to guide decisions. Ultimately, though, you need to be prepared to adapt to your employees’ changing needs at a moment’s notice. Learn more about how to set up your workplace with Iconic office furniture.

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